Startup Lessons: The Handoff from the Remote Dev Team

In my CTO as a Service consultancy, I tend to use various remote development companies to write the code for my clients. Even though I still code after all of these years, I am usually not cost-effective for my founders in a coding role. (But I still do the architecture, all of the set up on the cloud platform, and occasionally write some critical code.)

When the engagement with the development team ends, there is a wrap-up process that takes a few days to accomplish. If you have a remote development team, then you should allow them at least 3 or 4 days to perform these final items.

I would love to hear about your own list that you go through in order to wrap up an engagement.

(Note: Even though I mention AWS in this article, you can substitute any cloud provider, such as Azure or GCP.)

Tasks for Wrapping Up


  • Read, edit, and check the documentation that the consultants write so that it can be handed off to another development team
  • We need the following documentation
  • Architecture diagrams, including integrations with 3d-party services
  • Structure and flow of the backend and frontend code, including interaction with 3rd party services
  • Deployment instructions for all environments
  • Troubleshooting guide


  • Code review (if time allows)
  • Go over the Jira to see what was not done and to see if anything was left in a partial state
  • Make sure that all tests are passing
  • Making sure that all code has been merged to Main
  • Make sure that we have access to all secret keys and PEM files
  • Make sure that we have access to all licensing and credentials for 3rd party libraries and systems
  • Doing a deployment on both test and production to make sure that we know how to do it ourselves


  • Checking out the production database to make sure that everything is smooth
  • Make sure that all routes are correct in Route53
  • Tighten permissions on S3 buckets
  • Closing down all open permissions on the various machines
  • Possibly removing the consulting team from Github, AWS, 1Password, Twilio, Stripe, etc


  • Install Monit on all machines
  • Setting up various CloudWatch alarms on AWS

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